Specially selected

The best possible prices at the world’s leading destinations

Thanks to decades of experience in arranging group tours worldwide, we’ve amassed a ready-made database of creative itineraries to visitors’ most popular destinations. If they want to enjoy a city break to visit the famous attractions and landmarks of a particular country, we’ve made it easy for you to build the best programme.

We know that these itineraries will never go out of fashion and work with selected hotels, attractions and service suppliers in these locations – using our reputation and the number of such tours we sell – to secure the most competitive prices whatever the time of year. With this specially-selected range of products, we’ve planned ahead to get the best access we can, making sure that visitors get a true sense of place, even in high season. We never let these popular itineraries get boring either. We check for new attractions that are gaining popularity and use our expert knowledge and long-standing local relationships to add a dash of the unexpected to keep interest high.

Each hand-picked itinerary includes the key attractions and experiences that your clients have long wanted to visit. We’ve accounted for the peculiarities and practicalities of each destination and know when to go to get the most for you. Our expertise is a guarantee of the consistent, quality service you will enjoy and a promise to make a trip to even a well-travelled destination far from ordinary. From the instant confirmation of your chosen tour to the multi-lingual tour guides, we make sure that your clients take home memories to cherish.